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Our fine ingredients are carefully handpicked across the globe: natural Shea butter from New Zealand, dried fruits and almonds from the United States, coffee from Belgium, and cocoa powder from France.

Each cookie is light in sugar and oils, with no added preservatives or flavour enhancers, inviting you to indulge in a healthier way.




大曲奇禮盒- 香港出奇口味 + 經典口味 (40 )

Deluxe Tin Box - Hong Kong Style + Classic Style(40 pcs)

Fine Paper Box - Hong Kong Style (20 pcs)

精緻紙盒 - 香港出奇口味 (20 )

Fine Paper Box - Hong Kong Style (20 pcs)

精緻紙盒 - 香港出奇口味 (20 )

Peanut Candy - Tin Box (400g)

脆生花 - 花生糖禮盒 (400克)

Peanut Candy - Bag pack (230g)

脆生花 - 花生糖禮袋 (230克)


嚴選上等食材,來自紐西蘭的天然牛油、美國乾果及杏仁, 比利時咖啡,法國可可粉,每片曲奇都用心製作,堅持輕糖輕油配方,不添加防腐劑及增味劑,令你享受到美味之餘更能體會我們的用心!

天然材料 經典口


Containing no preservatives, with the finest ingredients blended seamlessly with organic butter, and hand-crafted with love to perfect every bite that expresses the true flavours of Hong Kong.



A Taste of 

Hong Kong



在曲奇餅中加入我們獨創的口味令你的味蕾跳動, 更能令你對曲奇有重新的體會。


Sandra Gourmet presents you with a magical tin of love, carefully packaged with nostalgic to completely inspiring flavours that keep your taste buds dancing.

Each tiny bite of goodness, handmade to perfection, embodies the East-meets-West culture of Hong Kong.

May our culture and heritage become a part of yours and each tasteful bite bring you a taste of home.

Chef's Choice


Of course, it's always nice to have a little surprise and a thrilling kick of flavour that enhances your taste buds!

Have you ever tried salted plum flavour cookies before? What about savoury pork floss cookies that keep your tongue dancing? What are you waiting for? Select your favourite flavour, and challenge your taste buds with plenty bites of goodness.




如有任何疑問或查詢歡迎 電郵 或 致電 給我們,



Please contact us via  e-mail or by phone you have any enquiries. You can also fill in the order form below, and we will respond to you shortly.


Ordering Process

  1. 請填寫訂單

  2. 待我們致電確認訂單

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    456 653518 838

  4. 請 email 或 WhatsApp 入數紙給我們,便可於一星期內提貨或送貨



  1. Complete the order form 

  2. Wait for us to call for order confirmation.

  3. After phone confirmation, please bank transfer to HSBC account "Sandra gourmet co Ltd" 456 653518 838

  4. As the final step, please kindly email or WhatsApp the receipt to us, and the goods will be ready for pick-up or delivery within a week.


If purchase exceeds $3500, free delivery service will be provided. If purchase is lower than $3500, you can pick up your order on weekdays, from 10am- 6pm at Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station. Alternatively, we can also arrange for SF express delivery, but a delivery cost will be charged on delivery.

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